Penrith based development town planners and tree consultants covering Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire & the North East

At Planning Branch we firmly believe it is important to build and maintain a strong relationship with our clients therefore we offer a discussion, free of charge, lasting up to 1 hour followed by a letter detailing our course of action and prices. Information given to us by the clients will be treated as confidential where expressed by the client.

We believe clients should be regularly updated as to the progress of their project and be able to contact us when required.

We can either act as full agents coordinating all documentation required or can provide individual documents. We also provide advice on an as and when needed basis charged at our set hourly rate.

See below a list of services that we provide, however should your planning and tree needs not be covered then do not hesitate to contact our office.

Development Planning

  • Meetings with clients, planning officers, other officers of Councils, Statutory bodies, members of the public, politicians etc.
  • Attendance at meetings, planning committees and public meetings e.g Parish Meeting.
  • Advice on development potential of a site.
  • Supporting Planning Statements / Planning Briefs / Needs Assessments.
  • Submission of planning applications.
  • Negotiations with the Local Authority.
  • Submit representations in support or objection to applications.
  • Appeals including written representations, Informal Hearings and Public Inquiries.
  • Design and Access Statements.
  • Discharge / Variation of condition applications.
  • Planning Enforcement work including appeals, notices and advice.
  • Consultancy support to Local Planning Authorities at both Case Officer Level and Management.

Tree Consultancy

  • Tree surveys,inspections and management plans.
  • Trees in relation to development – in accordance with BS5837 (2005), pre-application advise, submission of Root Protection Area Plans, Arboricultural Impact Statements, Method Statements etc in relation to planning applications.
  • Statements regarding trees in relation to planning appeals.
  • Tree Preservation Orders – assessments in order to serve a TPO and resurveying, revocation orders etc, advice regarding applications and appeals, including submission of applications.
  • Section 211 (Conservation Area) tree work applications – advice regarding applications, including submission of applications.
  • Advise to Local Authorities in relation to trees.
  • TPO Appeals.
  • Hedgerow Appeals

Other Services

  • Flood Risk Assessments.
  • Heritage Statements / Assessments
  • Agricultural Appraisal Assessments.
  • Screening / Scoping Opinions

Planning Branch Ltd hold the following certifications and memberships: